2021 Photography Mentorships

When I first started photography, I never dreamed that I would be in a position to mentor let alone be published in over 50 different magazine issues all over the USA and even overseas! I have always loved to teach, and now with photography, I have the best of both worlds with being able to help eager photographers grow their skillset and confidence in a field that allows so much expression! Everyone starts somewhere, whether you are a new photographer wanting to take that leap off auto and into manual or specialize in a genre and want to get more in depth with learning photoshop, there is something for everyone! I have very limited slots available for students per year to ensure quality 1:1 time with each of my students!

Today’s technologies have allowed for different types of education to occur. This is where I see significant value in developing a mentorship relationship with a photographer who fits your vision, needs, editing style. In short, you want someone who can help you achieve goals specific to the work you want to create. This is a very personal thing, and it is important to find the right person to help you walk your own path. For example, my style is bold and vibrant colors. I don't teach bright and airy. Find someone who resembles what inspires your creative soul!

What Photo Genres Do I Offer Instruction In?

My work is primarily focused on Maternity, Seniors, Children, themed mini sessions, and composites! These are the areas I am best suited to offer mentorship in. If any of these peak your interest then I'm your gal!

Births and Fresh 48's are currently only being offered online due to COVID-19 with hospital restrictions

Check out some examples of my work and the style I teach below as well as pricing packages!

Online 1:1 Photo & Website Critique: $150

  • The process usually starts with a short Skype/Facetime/Duo session to break the ice and get to know eachother! I care about my students os its important to invest adequate time into getting to know each one!
  • The student then submit 10 images and their website for ATP to critique, we want to promote growth with fresh eyes.
  • A second Skype sessionis held where we will go over my notes from your images and website critique, reinforce what great about them, and then provide further recommendations for improvement.

In-Person 1:1 Mentoring: $599

  • The process starts similar to the online mentoring with a short Skype/Facetime/Duo session to discuss your needs/want, but this time we are not only choosing your genre to mentor under, we are also picking a date for a live photoshoot!
  • If you wish to be mentored in 2 genres, please message me for custom pricing.
  • If you are choosing to be mentored in the genre of Maternity or Children, all models and outfits will be provided by Amber Tiffany Photography and her partners. From custom couture gowns to adorable vintage outfits, your model will be fashionably stunning! If you choose Seniors as your genre, models and styling will be provided by Amber Tiffany Photography.
  • This is a in-person mentoring, so once we pick a date that works for photographer, student, and model(s), we will get a location and time picked out! We will shoot for 1-1.5 hours, you will be able to see how I interact with clients, prompts I use and how to make my clients feel comfortable while having fun! Then you will be able to step in and get hands on with the models, take your own photos and really spread your wings creatively while having me there to answer any questions you may have and to give you tips and tricks to taking bold and beautiful photos! From setting questions, posing to light, I am an open book for you to utilize! Community over competition <3
  • Once the photoshoot happens, we then will meet immediately after at a select location to upload the images and from there show you how to cull and critique your gallery. If you cannot attend immediately after, we can set up a date to edit together!
  • From Lightroom to Photoshop, we will edit 3-5 of your photos, side by side giving you a special inside look at how the magic is made behind the scenes, fun!! **If you have dual mentorship in 2 categories, you will get double the allotted images to compensate for editing in each genre with me!
  • Finally, at the end of our journey, we will hand select 5 of your best images to share with your friends and family to display on my website as well as my social media platforms. I want to show you off and all of your hard work, plus this will give you exposer so double win!!
  • Then to make the experience sweeter, you will receive a gift from me to you at the end of your mentorship as a thank you for choosing me and trusting me with the investment into yourself!

Not only will you receive all that's written above, you will also receive the opportunity to have 20 of your images and website critiqued to promote growth with fresh eyes! I will then share with you my notes on what I loved about them and what needs improvement!

My Latest ATP Student

Rachel Parker

Below, you will see Rachel's favorite before and after shot. She reached out to me wanting to learn more about photoshop editing, posing and how to interact with clients, with just 1 session and the desire to learn, she saw exponential growth in herself as well as her work!

Needless to say I am very proud!

Want to take the leap?

Rachels Session Before

Rachel wanted to dive more into photoshop and learn how to confidently talk and pose clients.

Rachels Session After

After one mentor session, she was able to learn tools to confidently work with clients, navigate photoshop and learn my favorite editing secrets with editing!

Isn't her after amazing?

So, whatcha say?

Interested in learning from Amber Tiffany Photography and joining other inspired photographers near and far that have mentored under her?

We would love to have you! Send a message to check availability and jump start your photography journey!